2001.01 Established ANT 21


2002.05 9th University – Industry-lab Consortium


2003.01 Agreement on the MOU contract for the sewage disposal

2003.05 innovative-design product for 2003

2003.05 Agreement on the 11th university-lab.-industry consortium

2003.06 Venture corporation certification (SMBA)

2003.12 Certificated KT Mark (Excellent Korea Technology)


2004.07 Certificate of Excellent Quality Product


2005.08 (ISO 14001), (ISO 9001)



2006. 06 Our company taken part in the Shanghai IFAT exhibition

2006. 10 Our company taken part in the WEFTEC (Dallas)

2006. 11 Our company taken part in. FIMAI (Sangpaolo)


2007. 06 Our company change ours residence

2007. 06 Our company has already taken part in the International Environment

Technology Exhibition in Seoul Korea COEX (2007)

2007. 10 Our company taken part in the WEFTEC (San Diego)

2007. 12 High Technology company assignment by the Ministry of Science and Technology Department


2009. 06 Cone type diffuser performance certificate by small business administration(SMBA)

2009. 10 Promising enterprise authentication by Daejeon Metropolitan city


2010. 03 Citation UNEP


2011. 11 Exclusive Contract in China– Jiangsu philip envrionment equipment IMP&EXP co,. ltd.

2011. 11 Our company taken part in the WEFTEC (L.A)

2011. 12 An award of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy


2012. 04 Certificate of NET (New Excellent Technology)

    • Company Name:  ANT21 Co., Ltd.

      Foundation:  May 15, 2002

      No. of Employees: 16

      Gross Sales (2011): 3.87 Million Euros (more than 200% growth of Sales Rev compared to YR 2010)


      CEO/President:  Mr. Ko, Myunghan, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

      In the sewage & wastewater treatment biz, Mr. Ko has been in almost 20 years.


      Business Scope:  ANT21 designs and builds large scale sewage, foul water, sanitation, purification, permeated & livestock wastewater and air treatment facilities, high efficiency diffusers, fluidized media, air purifiers and cleaners.


      Intellectual Properties:  ANT21 has 15 patents inclusive of 1 US & patent pending in China, 7 design patents and 6 utility models.


      Summary:  The current wastewater and sewage disposal plants have reached their limit due to their obsoleteness, every increasing pollutants and toughened environmental regulations.  ANT21 provides products, services and construction to provide updates and improvements to existing facilities as well as constructing new facilities with its superior technology.  With its extensive research activities and on-site consulting experiences, ANT 21 has accumulated expert know-how in environmental technologies with emphasis in water and sewage treatment technology. It has patented its proprietary know-how into multiple patents, which form the basis for its business.  For its quality and know-how, it has received numerous recognitions both domestic and overseas.  It manufactures and markets patented Multi-disk diffuser superior to any competition.  It also constructs superior large-scale water and sewage treatment plants using its proprietary technology and products.  Their products and solutions are price competitive and highly efficient.  It owns and operates its own manufacturing and research facilities.  It has extensive Korean domestic and overseas references.  It also has forged extensive overseas partnerships.  It is positioned for rapid growth.